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The story of VFG, or VEREINIGTE FILZFABRIKEN AG, starts in the small rural German town of Giengen. VFG principally manufactured felt for piano key dampers, fashion, and industrial applications. VFG decided to branch into weapon cleaning and care after realizing that they had an excess supply of sheep’s wool at their disposal. And where does the bulk of their sheep’s wool come from? South Africa.
Through this new innovation, the VFG product design team created a profound new cleaning product for rifles and small arms. These VFG pellets have been produced since 1970.

The unique feature of the sheep’s wool allows for convenience, quick and effective cleaning that not even the regular use of oil and cloth can surpass. The end-user often underestimates this product’s ingenious and effective design.

A simple use of this unique design is as follows, a pellet is submerged in a small amount of cleaning solution, attached to an adaptor, and placed in the barrel of the rifle. By using a push and pull motion the sheep’s wool absorbs all the moisture, dust, excess liquid, residue, and other microscopic elements that can affect the quality and accuracy of your shoot.
Why not use a quality, inexpensive and eco-friendly product which is at your disposal?
The VFG cleaning and weapon care are designed for rifles, air guns, shotguns, handguns, gallery files and revolvers.
The following VFG products are available on our site:
  • The comfort pellet used for oiling and de-oiling and intensive pellet used for excess removal of dirt
  • Additional VFG rods and adjustable adaptors (Otherwise known as ‘jag’)
  • A bore cleaning compound for deep metallic deposits
  • VFG pocket sets ideal for a quick and urgent clean whilst in the field
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